Research Training Group Members

PhD Students

Compressive Motion Sensing and Dynamic Echo PIV (since September 2013)
Deep Architectures for Semantic Video Analysis (since November 2013); moved to CompVis (NK)
Inference and Learning with Sum-Product Networks (since October 2013)
Graphical Models
Compressed Sensing applied in Discrete Tomography
Statistical Manifolds and Variational Image Segmentation
Graphical Models
Semialgebraic Data Models and Convex Relaxations (since April 2014)
Combinatorial Optimization Methods in Computer Vision (since April 2016)
Graphical Models for Motion Based Video Segmentation (since August' 2013)
Learning Part Models for Depth-based Recognition (since April' 2013)
Structured Learning in Cell Tracking (since May 2016)
Mathematische Bildverarbeitung
A Marked Point Process Model for Dynamic Cell Structure in Bio-Imaging (since October 2013)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Graphical Models
Computer Vision
Coded Imaging

Principal Investigators

Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
Computer Graphics and Visualisation
Computer vision
Discrete Optimization
Computer Vision
Image and Pattern Analysis, Optimization

Associated Members

Segmentation for Connectomics
Tracking of Multiple (Divisible) Objects Using Structured Learning
Action Recogntion in Videos
Analysis of Monocular Traffic Video Scenes
Graphical Models

Former Members

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