Open Positions at HCI

Two Positions (PhD or Postdoc) in Machine Learning and Mathematical Image Analysis

Heidelberg University invites applications for two positions to be filled by PhD students or senior
researchers. The positions are devoted to mathematical models of learning networks for image analysis using
methods from differential geometry and optimal control.

Master/Bachelor Thesis Projects at the Image Analysis and Learning / Hamprecht lab.

If you are interested, send an email to Fred Hamprecht. Our topics are particularly suitable for students of physics, mathematics, and computer science, but motivated people from other fields are also welcome!

Student Opportunities: Miniforschung

We offer the possibility to do small projects (Miniforschungsprojekte, Softwarepraktika, Projektpraktika, ...) in the fields of computer vision, image processing and the analysis of industrial or biomedical data. Please contact one of the group leaders to find out more.

Student Assistant

We are currently looking for an assistant researcher (HiWi) who likes to program in C++. Please contact Prof. Jaehne or Prof. Hamprecht for different projects.