Scientific software developer / data scientist in quantitative developmental biology

The recently established DFG research unit “Morphodynamics of Plants” (FOR2581) is
recruiting a scientist to develop solutions and provide support to its members for the
processing and analysis of biological images.

The research unit “Morphodynamics of Plants” is a multi-disciplinary consortium of 9
groups (biologists, physicists, computer scientists) located in Heidelberg, Cologne,
Munich and Göttingen that want to understand how exactly plants form their organs (root,
fruits, leaves, etc). To this end, the data produced by the biologists in the form of
3D+time microscopy images must be quantitatively analysed and combined with results from
modeling. Major software packages involved are MorphoGraphX and ilastik.

We are looking for a brilliant scientist to develop solutions for the processing of this
data. He / she will set-up convenient image analysis workflows, ensure smooth
interoperation between the software packages involved, support the members of the unit to
solve the segmentation / tracking / modelling problems at hand and make all data easily
available inside and outside the consortium.

The scientist will primarily work in Heidelberg, in close interaction with the groups of
Prof. Dr. A. Maizel (COS) and Prof. Dr. F. Hamprecht (IWR) who are heading leading groups
in plant microscopic imaging and bioimage analysis, respectively. The hired person will
also interact with all other members of the consortium in Cologne, Munich and Göttingen.

The ideal candidate should have a master degree in computer science or biology and must
demonstrate a strong interest in biology and computer sciences. Strong programming skills
(python) are required. Prior experience in an environment where biologists and computer
scientists tightly interact will be advantageous. Pending the candidate’s aspiration, the
research project could develop towards a PhD.

The position is to be filled as soon as possible and available for three years. Salary is
according to TV-L E13.

Interested candidates should email their CV and a statement about their motivation to

Applications will be reviewed until a suitable candidate is found.

Prof Dr. Alexis Maizel < >

Prof. Dr. Fred Hamprecht < >

For more information about the consortium: